Update and I Have A Favour to Ask…

First, a quick update, 

Hi guys, I hope you have been well and creating amazing things. I wanted to start with a quick apology and explanation about the long gap between blogs. I had planned to post once a week for you, but life had other plans.  

I have been busy trying to find lots of new things for you all to enjoy and it has proved to be more difficult and time consuming that I had planned. I am sure some of you will have noticed the Sakura gelly rolls have arrived and we did have page markers, but they all very quickly so you may have missed them. I am also in various stages of getting some others amazing goodies to you like our designed stickers and washi (so close to being done, just a couple of delays), Uni Pin, Posca, Signo Gel, Mont Marte, Prockey, amazing new washi tapes, stickers…. 

I really do want to focus on getting an amazing range of the best quality products at a reasonable price for you all, and that takes time. I am committed to this though, so I have resigned from my other job and this will now be my full-time focus, hopefully that allows me to speed things along. 

The Favour, 

My vision for this business is to be your go to supply shop. I want to stock all the things you need; plus a few extra goodies you can discover while you are here. For this to be possible though I need to know what it is you want from me. 

I sadly do have mind reading abilities or the technology to travel through time, and therefore I am only guessing at what it is you want to see here. I am trying to order a little bit of everything to keep it balanced, but perhaps that’s not what you want. Would you rather I focus on one area and get a great range of that before moving to another thing? Do you have a must have pen that I don’t sell? A favourite brand or style of washi? Whatever it is that you would like to see here, I want to know about it. If there is something you think I could do better, I want to hear. Even if you just want to say hi. 

Please drop a comment below or send me a message so I can make this a great place for all of us. 

I would also love to see what you are creating with all your new goodies. You can head over to the Facebook group BEEutiful Craft Community or the business page BEEutiful Crafts or post on your socials using #BeeutifulCrafts to make sure I see it. 

One last thing… 

I just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your support, your orders, your encouragement and for being a part of this journey with me. This is my passion, and I could not make it a reality without all of you, so thank you, it is appreciated more than you know. 

Happy creating 🐝 

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