So, You Have Decided to Start a Bullet Journal – 7 Things Not to Do

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Don’t look at all the amazing Instagram accounts 

I remember when I first decided to start a bullet journal. It was exciting and I wanted to know as much about it as I could and make sure I was doing it right. I googled, which lead to blogs, then Pinterest followed by Instagram… it was a deep, deep worm hole and by the time I emerged on the other side I was totally overwhelmed. I had no idea how to start or how to create such amazingly beautiful pages. I had no idea what to do first and it was almost enough to stop me before I had begun.  

Don’t do that to yourself. Sure, the amazing drawings and elaborate creations are nice to look at, but they are not the main part of bullet journaling, or even necessary. Do yourself a favour and look at this short video which shows you the original bullet journal method. Simple, minimalist and made to work for you. From there you can add whatever you want and get as creative as you want. The main thing is that it works for you. 

Don’t wait to start 

Another thing that stops people from starting their bullet journal is thinking they need to wait until the start of the year, or until they have everything worked out and know exactly what they are putting in there, for ever. 

No, don’t let yourself fall for this lie your mind is telling you. The beauty of bullet journaling is that it is whatever you want. If you want to start in the middle of the year, or even in the middle of a month, then go for it. If you want to just do monthlies, or dailies or lists or whatever for a while, go for it. If you want to only track stuff for a bit and not even do the planner part, who is stopping you. Jump in, do the parts you like and need, experiment with other stuff and just work it out as you go. That is half the fun of bullet journaling and what makes your journal uniquely yours. 

Don’t feel like you must share 

I know that a lot of people like to share their journal on Instagram and take amazing aesthetic pictures of the elaborate spreads, but don’t feel like you have to ever share if you don’t want to. Your journal is essentially the contents of your brain on paper. It can include some very personal and vulnerable thoughts sometimes and there is never a requirement for you to share it, either online or in person. 

Sharing spreads and getting and giving inspiration is a big part of the bullet journal community and is something I personally love (although I tend to share spreads before I have filled them in with my life events and thoughts) and if you enjoy it too, then go ahead and share whatever you like. But, if you don’t want to take part in that and you never want to share anything from your journal, then that is ok too. 

Don’t buy all the “important” supplies  

If you read my last post, you will know that I definitely did this one. I admit it, and I admit I kind of knew I didn’t need it all, but I am a stationary addict after all! 

When you start looking at other people’s bullet journal posts, read some blogs, maybe join a group on Facebook, you will see loads of recommendations for cool supplies and people talking about their favourites etc. It is all extremely exciting, and it is amazingly easy to get caught up in and end up ordering more and more until you are drowning in supplies, half of which you will never use. 

To begin with, all you really need is a notebook and a pen. You can make a fully functional journal with just those 2 things. I would suggest that a pencil, eraser and ruler are probably good to have to. Start with these basics and whatever you already have at home and try it out first. See how the basic system works for you, what things you want to add. Then you can decide what kind of journal you want to keep. Will you keep it minimal, draw amazing pictures, embellish with doodles, maybe stickers and washi are your style or perhaps it will be a combination of all these things. 

Then you can start to buy the supplies you will actually use and want and not end up with a stack of stuff you will never use. 

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else 

There is no right or wrong way to bullet journal. Your bullet journal should be whatever you need it to be as long as it works to help you improve your life. There is nothing that must be in your journal and there is no limit to what you can include. 

Start with the basics and work out what you need your journal to do for you. I remember thinking I had to have all the trackers and lists, the monthlies, weeklies, dailies and everything else you see all over the internet. That didn’t help me sort out my life though, it just created more things for me to do and became a chore that meant I didn’t really use my bullet journal. If you want or need to track your mood, then don’t put in a mood tracker, and that goes for everything else too. Make your bujo work for you, not the other way around. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes 

The pressure is on, pen is in hand, you are concentrating hard but oops, you made a mistake!! At this point many people will freak out and want to rip it out and start again. I urge you to resist that urge and breath. As I said above, your journal is your brain on paper, and I don’t know about you, but my thoughts are not neat and pretty all the time. Mistakes happen, they are part of the process and part of the journey of your journal. 

So, when the inevitable mistake happens, breath for a minute then look at it again. You might be able to turn it into a design feature, cover it with washi or a sticker, hide it with white gel pen or correction tape, and if all else fails, just embrace the mistake and move on. 

Don’t feel like you don’t have time 

This is something I hear a lot and even thought myself at the start. Looking at bullet journals that have been shared on the internet, it is easy to believe this is true, but remember your journal needs to work for you. If you are artistic and have hours to create elaborate aesthetic spreads then do it, but if you have 10 minutes to jot down a few notes, that’s ok too. 

I feel like sometimes the spreads you see out there in the community are more of a performance than a practice in improving one’s life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should never perform and create that beauty, but if it becomes all performance and no practicality, then you aren’t improving anything for yourself, you are creating another thing you must do. So, put in the amount of time you can practically spare, I am sure even you can find a few minutes while you drink your cuppa. 


This is the one most important piece of advice I think I can give you. If you are thinking about starting a bullet journal just pick up a pen or pencil and start your first page. Make it a simple one that won’t take too long and you will enjoy. Once the first page is done, the next one feels much easier, so do that next. One page at a time as you feel comfortable and adding what you feel you need, and you will be on your way in no time. 

Happy journaling 😊 

Christmas in Your Bujo

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I know we are still in November but with the way this year has been Christmas will be here in no time (I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to acknowledge that either). 

Most years I think about Christmas and all the things I need to do, and then move on and do nothing. Then one morning I wake up and realise it’s almost here and I have done nothing. Let the panic, mad rush and stress begin! 

This year, since I am working so hard to improve so many aspects of my life, I decided it was time to sort out this Christmas chaos once and for all. I knew I needed a way to get organised this Christmas but I had no idea how I was going to achieve that, what I did know though was that I would he doing it in my bullet journal. I had decided I need a list of people I want to buy gifts for, ideas of what to buy them, somewhere to write down ideas of what I want ( because I can never think of things when people ask me), a way to keep track of other shopping I need to do and also all the bits and pieces I need to get done. With all that and more in mind, I headed to Instagram for some ideas and inspiration.  

You can see above what I came up with. I am happy with it. It has a space for all the info I need, and I love the gift tag idea. This spread perfectly suits me, but we are all different so here are some of the other fantastic ideas I found out there. 

Spread the Joy  

Why not add a Christmas quote page to your journal? It’s a great way to set the mood and bring a little joy to your day. A quote page is also a great way to get creative and take a little time for yourself. 

Here is another great idea, a quote page and a list of your favourite Christmas songs. We all have them, even those of us who don’t like traditional carols. So why not list them and make sure they all make the play list this year. 

Planning Time 

Getting all your planning done in your bujo will make life much easier at this crazy time of year. Are you a big Christmas decorator, have a long wish list, lots of things to do, gift ideas for all the family Here are some solutions to keeping track of it all. 

The Time has Come 

Once all the planning is done and Christmas is here you want to enjoy the festivities. Changing up your planning so that each day has a dedicated page is a great way to make sure all those social occasions are booked in and you aren’t double booked anywhere. Make sure to plan a little time for yourself too. 

The final thing I want to say is have fun and do what works for you. Remember as always, there are no rules in your bullet journal. So, go crazy and embrace the silly season. 

Happy creating 🐝 

Update and I Have A Favour to Ask…

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First, a quick update, 

Hi guys, I hope you have been well and creating amazing things. I wanted to start with a quick apology and explanation about the long gap between blogs. I had planned to post once a week for you, but life had other plans.  

I have been busy trying to find lots of new things for you all to enjoy and it has proved to be more difficult and time consuming that I had planned. I am sure some of you will have noticed the Sakura gelly rolls have arrived and we did have page markers, but they all very quickly so you may have missed them. I am also in various stages of getting some others amazing goodies to you like our designed stickers and washi (so close to being done, just a couple of delays), Uni Pin, Posca, Signo Gel, Mont Marte, Prockey, amazing new washi tapes, stickers…. 

I really do want to focus on getting an amazing range of the best quality products at a reasonable price for you all, and that takes time. I am committed to this though, so I have resigned from my other job and this will now be my full-time focus, hopefully that allows me to speed things along. 

The Favour, 

My vision for this business is to be your go to supply shop. I want to stock all the things you need; plus a few extra goodies you can discover while you are here. For this to be possible though I need to know what it is you want from me. 

I sadly do have mind reading abilities or the technology to travel through time, and therefore I am only guessing at what it is you want to see here. I am trying to order a little bit of everything to keep it balanced, but perhaps that’s not what you want. Would you rather I focus on one area and get a great range of that before moving to another thing? Do you have a must have pen that I don’t sell? A favourite brand or style of washi? Whatever it is that you would like to see here, I want to know about it. If there is something you think I could do better, I want to hear. Even if you just want to say hi. 

Please drop a comment below or send me a message so I can make this a great place for all of us. 

I would also love to see what you are creating with all your new goodies. You can head over to the Facebook group BEEutiful Craft Community or the business page BEEutiful Crafts or post on your socials using #BeeutifulCrafts to make sure I see it. 

One last thing… 

I just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your support, your orders, your encouragement and for being a part of this journey with me. This is my passion, and I could not make it a reality without all of you, so thank you, it is appreciated more than you know. 

Happy creating 🐝 

The Story So Far (and Plans for the Future)

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Hi guys, my name is Deb, welcome to my first ever blog post. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my business and where I am planning to go with all this. 

While my business BEEutiful Crafts and this blog are all shiny and new, they are the result of months of hard work and a lifetime of stationary addiction and self-reflection. So, let’s take a look at where it all started. 

Where It All Began 

For as long as I can remember I have been madly obsessed with stationary. I always wanted the new pens I found, the cute notebooks, the amazing sticky notes and bright markers. I remember in high school I had the biggest pencil case I could find, and it was still stuffed so full it could barely zip up! Since then not much has changed in that department. I went to university and became a primary school teacher which gave me a great excuse to buy all the cool stationary I wanted… teaching didn’t work out for me, but it did give me a great supply of stuff to write, draw and create with.  

After leaving teaching and doing various dead-end jobs I found myself at 40ish years of age, still obsessed with stationary and struggling with my mental health. My head was full of so many thoughts, regrets, wishes, ideas and self-doubts. I couldn’t continue down that road for much longer, I had to get myself sorted. 

I had spent a lot of my life working on self-reflection and self-awareness so I knew what was happening and what my issues were and even though I had come a long way in my personal growth journey I needed to find some news tools to continue my growth and sort out all the jumble in my brain. That is when I discovered Bullet Journaling. 

My Bullet Journal Journey 

I have always journaled but mostly just used it as a brain dump to get all my thoughts and frustrations out of my head for a little while. One day I decided to do a google search to find a better way of doing it, there had to be something more useful than my notebooks full of pages and pages of ramblings. That was when I discovered bullet journaling. I had heard the term before but hadn’t really given it much thought or looked into it at all. As far I knew it was some fancy way to plan and full of complex drawings and seemed very time consuming, I didn’t have time for that. 

I decided I would have a little look and see what this bullet journal thing was about though, honestly, because I like the pretty pictures and stickers I saw. I came across a post by Masha Plans called The Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal For Beginners. It was the turning point. I realised I could get my life organised, my head organised, keep track of all the things I had been forgetting and get to reconnect with my creative side all at the same time!! From there I went down the wormhole, I read and read and watched videos and I knew I wanted to do this thing, it was like a spark inside me lit up. 

So I went and bought some supplies, because obviously the huge amount of stationary  I already had wasn’t enough, or maybe it was just a good excuse to justify the purchase to myself (you really don’t need to buy lots of special stuff to start) and I started bullet journaling.  

I loved it, I created pages for all sorts of things, I was getting organised and using my time better and best of all I was getting on top of my mental health issues. I started sharing what I was doing with my friends and then on Instagram and Facebook and that was the real beginning of what has grown to be my business and this blog. 

BEEutiful Crafts is Born 

I started out sharing on my personal pages but after a while I thought I should create separate pages so I didn’t drive all my friends nuts, and the ones who wanted to see it could follow my other pages. Interest grew and I was loving doing it, but I knew there was something more I wanted to do with it, I just wasn’t sure what. 

One afternoon I was having a coffee with a friend and talking to her about how I needed to find a way to do something I love and make money at the same time. It was one of those light bulb moments, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought it before! One of my biggest frustrations as a bullet journaler was that I couldn’t get the awesome supplies that I was seeing people use and recommend, here in Australia, and if I could get them the international shipping made them very expensive and they took weeks to arrive. So why couldn’t I set up a shop to supply all those things here for my fellow Australians and ease all our frustrations. The shop idea was born and after lots of long days and nights working hard BEEutiful Crafts was born. 

I created the shop with the sole intention of bringing great bullet journal and craft supplies, including stationary of course, to Australia and to provide an affordable easy option for other Australians to buy them. I have done that, and I am constantly sourcing new products for you all to enjoy. It is a lot of work, but I love doing it. So, thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy what I have for you. 

The Future of BEEutiful Crafts 

I have so many big plans for this business but sadly I can’t do them all at once so you will have to be patient in waiting for more exciting things. 

I am currently working on bringing you some exclusive washi tapes and stickers designed by me. I am excited and love the designs, I hope you guys will when it gets here too (I will make sure to let you all know via email so make sure you subscribe). 

Another thing that I will be bringing you down the track are subscription boxes. You can once again thank Masha Plans for this one. She was using some amazing washi and stickers in so many of her spreads and she said she had got them in a subscription box she was getting while in the US. So, I went and found the site to order this amazing sub box, but with the exchange rates and international shipping it was very expensive. I was so disappointed, and I looked all over the internet for something similar in Australia but there just wasn’t anything that compared. So, I have decided this is another thing I need to bring to you all so you can sample some amazing products each month and enjoy the excitement of getting that monthly happy mail. 

There are many ideas in my mind, too many to share here, so please check back in for updates regularly. If you want to stay updated on all things BEEutiful Crafts including news and special offers, subscribe to our email list here

If you have any requests for things you would like to see in the shop or blogs you would like to read please either drop me a message from my page or leave a comment here.